Ruger MKIII - The Sam Lam Bushing


The Sam Lam Bushing makes your Ruger MKIII awesome!

  • Allows magazines to drop freely when released
  • Makes insertion of new magazines easier and gives more positive feedback when fully seated
  • Enables firing without the magazine in place
  • Improves trigger pull
  • Makes reassembly much easier

Checkout how the Sam Lam Bushing works here:


About the Sam Lam Bushing for the Ruger MKIII

Sam Lam was the inventor of the first bushing to disable the annoying magazine safety on the Ruger MKIII.  Its simple design and Sam's first rate customer service has satisfied customers in the United States.  If you are for any reason dissatisfied with your purchase, contact Sam and he will make it right.  Even though Sam is Canadian, the bushing is manufactured and shipped from the United States.

Accept no substitutes!  Buy the original Ruger MKIII bushing from Sam.